Rocaway Rice

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Rockaway Rice is a delicious and simple recipe
that you will love time and time again…
First, it is always important
to make sure you have all your ingredients before you begin.
You will need the following:

-A BIG pack of BEEF polish sausages
-Spaghetti Sauce (which ever you like but I prefer Ragu )
-1 Onion
-1 Tomato
-White Rice ( I use Instant but you can use whatever type you prefer)
-Some Pepper
-Some seasoning salt
-Parsley Flakes
-Garlic salt
-pinch of sugar
-Large deep pot with lid
-Pot for your rice

Alright, so after you have checked that you have all your ingredients
you need to get your Large deep pot
and place it on the stove over low simmer heat.
You are going to put a little butter into the pan
and let it melt and start to sizzle.
Meanwhile you are going to slice off some Onion
and chop it it up into small pieces.
(Please be careful not to cut yourself. )
Also, it is up to use how much Onion you want to add.
You are going to throw the Onions into the pan over the butter
and let it start doing its thing!
Next, you are going to cut and use 1/2 of your Tomato
and repeat the process.
Be careful and add as much or as little Tomato as you prefer.
So, your onions and tomato’s are going to start turning a nice texture
and it is good to mix those around and stir but please don’t burn them.
Next step!!!
Time for you to dump in your spaghetti sauce.
After you have dumped your sauce in
you need to get your sausages out.
Open the package and decide how many people you are trying to feed….
I use 7 sausages and make a large pot
but again it is what you prefer.
Okay, so you are going to get the sausage and cut it up.
I just simply cut them across into eatable sizes.
If you are cooking this for children
then I suggest you make the pieces smaller.
After they are all cut up
you are going to pour them into the sauce.
Remember to keep the stove on low simmer heat.
Next, you are going to sprinkle a little bit of pepper into the pot
as well as some seasoning salt and a pinch of sugar.
You are going to mix it all up stir very well
and blend the seasonings around.
Last, you are going to sprinkle some parsley flakes on top
and put the lid on top of the pot.
The hard part is done
all you have to do now is remember
when to come back to your delicious meal.
You are going to give the meat time to soak in all the flavor
and let the sauce thicken up.
Wait about 30 minutes
and you are going to know
because the aroma in your house is going to tickle your taste buds
and anyone in the house is going to pop there face in the kitchen.
After 30 minutes
I suggest you stir again
and start to prepare your rice.
Get your rice pot and fill it up with some water
and bring to a boil.
Add your rice I usually make a lot
but it depends on how many people you are feeding again.
Add some parsley flakes
and some butter and a little garlic salt.
Once all the ingredients are in
bring to a low heat.
Stir until finished.
You are almost there!!
When your rice is complete and you should know when it is.
If it is minute rice you know that it takes literally a couple of minutes…
Turn heat off
because it is almost time to eat.
You are going to turn off your sauce
and stir once again.
While you are letting your meal cool down
you are going to multi task.
You are going to make your drink or drinks,
get out your dishes ( you can use a plate or bowl) and silverware.
You are going to use a large spoon
and dish out how much rice you personally prefer.
Next add your sauce with the meat on top of your rice.
Mix it up a little in your bowl
and words can’t say how good it taste!

(Some people prefer to keep the rice and sauce in separate pans
but others suggest mixing it all together in one.)

Great served with garlic cheese bread!!!

Enjoy and remember who taught you!

Further notes: For help cooking the rice see for rice cookers.

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