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Who are the Baby Boomers?

The end of World War II came with a final explosion that resonated in ways never before witnessed. It was the big bang heard around the world – or we should say the ‘boom’ that lasted well into the mid 20th century. During the post-war years between 1946 and 1964, the most explosive population growth in recorded history took place.

And the Baby Boomers were born!
The rest, as they say, is history. Our history is rich with radical change as the sheer numbers of baby boomers bombarded society at every level. The arrival of the baby boomer generation impacted every corner of the earth in all aspects of life. Just as Baby Boomers reached teenaged years in massive numbers, the same will occur as we begin to reach retirement age and leave the workforce behind. The first of the

Baby Boomers may be looking at their mid-60s and wondering – what now?
Welcome to BabyBoomersLifestyle.org! We are your premier online resource site that talks the talk and will walk the walk with you – together. Our generation came into this world en masse. We baby boomers are smart, we’re active, we have goals. We baby boomers re-wrote the rule books and are still going strong. As an organization, BabyBoomersLifestyle.org wants to help our fellow Baby Boomers, no matter their skill level or aspiration, to continue to grow and prosper in life, health and in wealth. It’s never too late to make great strides toward personal improvement.
From rock-n-roll to the supreme advent of technology, we the people of the baby boomer population changed the face of the earth…forever.
As we travel on life’s journey, there are promises to be made:
• Baby Boomers will strive to live with youthfulness, vitality, and vigor
• Baby Boomers will take accountability to maintain optimal physical health (including mind, body, and spirit)
• Baby Boomers will never stop learning or seek ways to enrich our lives, whether it be financial matters or personal/professional improvement.

Join your fellow boomers, Jack and Diane Taylor who wrote, “With all of the information available to us online these days, we felt overwhelmed. With a one-stop shop for information that we can count on, we can honestly say that we have found a new home!”

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